Ministry  of Business, Innovation & Employment

New Zealand

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s purpose is to grow New Zealand for all. The goal is to create a strong and high performing economy without compromising the integrity of the environment or the safety of workplaces.

Investor immigration makes a significant contribution to New Zealand’s economic, social and cultural growth and so INZ aims to work as a trusted partner delivering outstanding immigration services through facilitative policies and a client friendly approach. The Middle East is recognized as a valuable area with the skills and networks that investors bring to New Zealand making a significant difference for companies looking to this region as a potential market.

Since 2009 INZ investor policies have attracted nearly NZ$5bn to New Zealand with Investors coming from all over the world and most investing in addition to the capital needed for immigration purposes. Both investor categories have been very popular with Investor Plus offering a fast route (NZ$10m plus 44days residency in year 2 and 3) to permanent residency after 3 years.  

New Zealand is regularly voted amongst the best destinations in the world, most business friendly environment, best for investor protection and has a well-educated and skilled population. There are no restrictions on capital flows and a competitive taxation regime including no capital gains tax or inheritance tax.

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