MIGRONIS is an international citizenship agency that helps to obtain a passport and residence permit through investment. As of today, there are up to 40 countries that offer different citizenship or residency by investment programs.

However, we selected the most profitable and safe options narrowing down the list to 20 countries.

The company was founded in 2012, and today has offices in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the USA, Portugal, Switzerland, Cyprus.

We are always on your side and act to help you in every aspect. We study each situation in depth, don’t hide any information and offer only best-suited options. Before making a decision, you will be aware of all the facts, figures and costs.

Our team - experts in residence & citizenship programs are located in Moscow, Kyiv, Miami, Limassol and Lisbon. These are specialists who thoroughly know their product, have the appropriate capabilities and local contacts.

International lawyers will help to prepare the case, submit it to the government and monitor each step of citizenship application.

Our tax professionals have 10 years of experience working in the Big Four. They are based in Switzerland, USA and Moscow. They examine each situation separately and help clients with asset allocation.


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