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As 15th stone of Ryōan-Ji garden, Kyoto, Japan, which is always not possible to observe, our modern world is full of hidden threats and risks. We believe that most importantly is to foresee and anticipate such threats by thinking alternatively, offering out-of-frame approach and providing tailored-made solutions in relation to challenging tasks.

KK & Partners (UK) Ltd. is the international boutique law firm, established in 2005, strongly committed to understanding our client's business needs and ensuring their success in the markets where they compete.

We advise on complex structures and transactions for our corporate clients and individuals, offering creative solutions and a highly specialised alternative to the legal industry's more established firms.

Our practice offers innovative legal solutions, unparalleled service and provides a range of services that includes to:

1. Legal and specialised services:

a. Legal;
b. Specialised;
c. Accounting;
d. Agency services;
e. Company formation services (39 jurisdictions);
f. Yacht & ship registration:
i. The Seychelles;
ii. Mauritius;
iii. Cyprus;
iv. Panama;
v. Bahamas;
vi. Cayman Islands.

2. Corporate finance:

a. Cross-border M&A;
b. IPO consultations;
c. Valuation and Due Diligence;
d. Corporate Governance & compliance.

3. International holding structuring:

a. Strategy;
b. Restructuring;
c. Alliances;
d. Post acquisitions/merger.

4. Trust and fiduciary services;
5. International tax planning;

6. Wealth management;

7. International arbitration & dispute resolution;

8. Business immigration and economic citizenship in relation to the following jurisdictions:
a. UK;
b. Dominica;
c. Andorra;
d. UAE;
e. St. Kitt's & Nevis;
f. Latvia;
g. Hong Kong;
h. Singapore;
i. Antigua & Barbuda;
j. Montserrat.



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