Flexible Investment Solutions

The Flexible Investment Solutions company is engaged in investing property abroad , start-ups, alternative energy and environmental technologies.  Investment fund analysts find real profitable businesses with a yield of 10% per annum.

 Priority investment areas:

 Investing in property abroad- investing in stability.

 One of the most efficient, safe and long-term oriented ways to invest money.  According to the forecast of our analysts,the funds invested in construction, based on the analysis of previously implemented projects, can bring up to 20% per annum, provided that positive trends in the real estate market continue.

 Investing in financial assets - Invest in innovation.

 Central banks recognize that fintech, modern technology to improve financial services, is the future.  According to forecasts, attracting investments in this industry in 2020 will reach $ 150 billion.

 Energy investment

 Alternative Energy - Invest in development.

 Energy is the engine of the economy of any country.  Long-term investments can bring about 20-30% of income.  Investments are calculated for years, and therefore cause great confidence among investors.

 Investing in the environment

 Ecotechnology - invest in the future of the planet.

 Revolutionary technologies that do not harm nature are very popular.  They combine a high level of profitability with environmental safety.  Ecotech is a profitable way to save the planet.

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