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De Micco & Friends Lawyers and Auditors


De Micco & Friends is a full-service law and audit firm represented by more than 500 associated lawyers and auditors in all Europe, Russia, UAE, Iran, Egypt, China, Japan and Africa. Our clients have referred to us as a "charismatic law firm with high integrity". We achieve this through creative and sometimes unconventional solutions, if and when the situation so requires.

The group offers legal and finical support in real estate transactions, family office services, investment and consultancy services, immigration, international capital market transactions and mergers & acquisitions. The headquarters of the law firm are in Spain. De Micco & Friends represents institutional and private investors as well as families in international businesses and transactions.

The De Micco & Friends “Global Family Office”

Among De Micco & Friends’ Family Office clients number international personalities and families of all nationalities. Their wealth is often distributed internationally and diversified in the form of property, financial assets, shareholdings or art collections.

Our clients also include well-known and high-profile public figures from industry, entertainment and politics, as well as very reclusive people and their families who place great value on privacy and maximum discretion. In addition, we assist and represent former politicians who are moving from the public to private sector. The assets of our clients range from 5 million to several billion US$.


  • Tel: +34 871 955 077
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