Bright Wealth Banking

"Bright Wealth Banking" ( offers mostly banking, management, tax, and marketing research consulting through a group of companies it owns. It also offers administrative consulting services like accounting, bookkeeping, taxation procedures, and studies to organizations. These services will help any clients improve their performance by analyzing existing organizational problems and making plans for improvement.

"Bright Wealth Banking" is licensed to do business under "Bright Wealth Banking Consultant" (licensed under number 942379) and "Bright Wealth Management Consultancy" (licensed under no. 952216). Both entities are regulated by the Ministry of Economy, Department of Economic Development, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

"Bright Wealth Banking Consultant" focuses mainly on supporting individuals, businesses, and organizations to plan for different banking issues like saving, cash flow, and getting the right funding. They also give advice on the best terms for short-term and long-term loans and the best interest rates.

"Bright Wealth Management Consultancies" includes further providing administrative consultancies and studies to individuals, businesses and organizations to improve their performance. This is done by analyzing organizational problems and developing plans to fix them. This includes procedural engineering, laying out flowcharts and related documents, making internal policies, restructuring organizations, and developing strategic plans.

In conclusion, the "Bright Wealth Banking" group of companies makes recommendations based on economic and financial research, studies, and analyses. These include feasibility studies, figuring out the expected current or future values of securities, commodities, and commodity contracts, consulting clients on investment opportunities and sending out limited-circulation periodic and non-periodic reports.

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