The Venture Capital landscape in MENA

Monday, 26 December 2016

Tech vs non Tech Investments

  • Identify the Sector and understand its challenges
  • Align the product/service with the Demand Trends in the market
  • Assess Scalability of the business
  • Determine the required Manpower
  • Calculate the required Capital Expenditure

What tools entrepreneurs need

  • Funding to establish the firm and cover budget deficits for a period of time
  • Mentorship from experienced individuals to avoid common mistakes and drive the business forward
  • Access to business partners through the investors or other stakeholders’ networks

What available funding channels

  • Angel Investors to fund and support the start-up phase
  • Venture Capital Funds to assess a fair Valuation and attract further investments
  • Bank Financing to help in working capital requirements
  • Mezzanine Financing to help take the company to the next level and expand in new markets or territories

How to identify the winners

  • Experience of the entrepreneur in the targeted sector
  • Idea behind the start-up and its viability and differentiation

Role of Governments

  • Dubai Startup Hub
  • Abu Dhabi Masdar Accelerator
  • Lebanon Circular 331
  • Execution: it is very important for the entrepreneur to not leave any detail unattended
  • Market opportunity: introducing a product or service in the right market at the right time

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