The best tax haven in the world: Labuan

Saturday, 09 April 2016
The best tax haven in the world: Labuan

Hardly anybody likes tax inspections and the problems they cause for business. Moreover, the possibilities for tax administration to collect information have recently significally icreased, that in it's turn augmented risks of tax inspections.

So it is no secret that searching for a reliable tax haven (a country with low or zero taxation) becomes a very important task for those organizations that do international business and are interested in protecting their assets and keeping savings.

Talking about countries with low taxation, that are the members of international contracts on avoidance of double taxation, such countries as Cyprus, Ireland, Great Britain, Singapore come to mind at once. But there are some other interesting and alluring offshore jurisdictions that draw attraction of international investors, e.g. Labuan.

The island of Labuan is the haven that can lead you to financial stability and correspondingly to confidence in future. The island suggests a lot of opportunities in financial and business growth.

Beeing in fact the territory of Malaysia, Labuan provides you with more than 70 contracts with different countries on avoiding double taxation, a flexible system of taxation that gives you an opportunity to choose a scheme of paying taxes that is profitable for you.

World financial instability almost doesn't influence on Labuan economic state. Recently in Labuan International Business and Financial Centre there was a growth in such spheres as banking sector, insurance and leasing. Year by year conductive investment climate contributes to its popularity and adaptation of offshore conditions of the island.

Founding an international company on Labuan pay attention on the following:

  • The Labuan international company can be an absolute property of a foreigner; without necessity in local partner presence;
  • Paid authorized capital is minimal (at least 1 USD);
  • The Labuan international company can act as the Investment holding company for property, assets and fortune;
  • The Labuan international company is right for international trade;
  • The Labuan international company requires presence of only one director and auctioneer, both positions can be occupied by the same person;
  • The process of founding a company takes about 14 days;
  • No licence required in such spheres as e-commerce, import, export and consulting;
  • Bank account can be opened in Malaysia in any necessary currency;
  • Founding a company you can get profit in any currency;
  • No taxation on transactions for trading and providing services;
  • In Labuan there's no taxes on distributing dividents, interests, royalty and rent;
  • Annual corporate rates for companies are 3% or macimum 20,000 RM;
  • No taxation for Inverstment holding companies;
  • Possibility to hand in an application for business visa just after founding a company;
  • Consideration of an application for visa takes 30-60 days. After confirmation the applicant flies to Malaysia to get a viza stamp;
  • Business visa is issued for 2 years with possibility of multiple border passing, it can be prolonged;
  • Husband or wife, as well as children, can join the main business visa applicant;
  • Labuan business visa allows to live in Labuan and in western Malaysia (the main cities there are Kuala-Lumpur, Pinang, Hohorand others).

Ending:  If your company does international business and you are interested in protection of your assets and keeping savings. Download a detailed report about financial possibilities of the island Labuan. 

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