Placing your company’s shares on the American Stock Exchange

Tuesday, 12 January 2021
Placing your company’s shares on the American Stock Exchange

On October 14, the Bosco Online Workshop “Placing Your Company Shares on the American Stock Exchange” was held. The American stock market (IPO) is the most attractive in the world, which is active and stable despite the crisis. And top American stock exchanges, such as: Nasdaq, NYSE occupy leading positions in the world ranking. In 2020 alone, 2/3 of companies successfully entered the American stock market. IPO is one of the possible ways to raise capital and bring your company to the world level.

Leading experts spoke at the Bosco Online Workshop:  Evgeny Egorov, Development Director of Rainier AG and Georgy Parrick, CEO Migom Global Corp spoke in detail about how to register a company in the United States for further IPO. In particular:

  • where to start, cost and what difficulties arise;
  • how you can make money on an IPO;
  • what can be profitable IPO trading strategies and how to use them;
  • market requirements for a public company.


Rainier AG is a privately held, independent Swiss asset management and securities trading firm for clients around the world headquartered in Zug.

The company is a member of the Crypto Valley Association. Through a developed network of partners, who have licenses for managing securities, storing and trading cryptocurrencies, interacts with regulators from different countries and audit services.

At the moment, the company singles out a key area of activity in the field of the American stock market – the organization of access to trading on the largest US stock exchanges: NYSE, NASDAQ, OTC Markets, AMEX, etc.

The Rainier AG team of experts provides full support for the work of clients on the US stock exchanges: from the generation of investment ideas, analytical support and ending with full support at all stages of the IPO.

Migom Global Corp. is a U.S.-based public company that brings together leading e-banking and wealth management providers to deliver consistent earnings and growth opportunities.

The company aims to create synergistic companies in international banking, securities brokerage, electronic money distribution, and digital asset creation and market shaping.

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