Open gambling offshore

Thursday, 14 April 2016
Open gambling offshore

Fortunes are being made in Offshore Gaming and Gambling. If you are interested in setting up an online casino, sportsbook, multi-player online games platform or any new innovative gaming platform, Offshore Pro group can help you.

Costa Rica Companies for Offshore Online Gaming

The easiest and most cost-effective jurisdiction from which to run a gaming platform is Costa Rica. It is in Costa Rica that we have most expertise and experience.

Costa Rica’s success in this field is based on a long track record in Costa Rica of providing services to online gaming companies. This small, peaceful and friendly Central American country has placed online gambling alongside tourism as its main generator of foreign income. There is a large contingent of experienced lawyers and staff and the Costa Rican government has a long history of welcoming offshore gaming companies, that bring valuable employment and help with development of the already excellent telecommunications infrastructure. Costa Rica is specially known for Online Sportsbooks and Online Casinos.

Provided you block access from Costa Rica itself, a “data processing” license from Costa Rica, together with specific company statutes, will be enough to get you started. For legal reasons we recommend you install your physical servers in Costa Rica. In order to obtain and retain the licence you will need a local presence in the form of an office and employee. We provide this under an out

Offshore Pro Group can provide a turnkey service including gambling company formation and licensing, as well as setting up the necessary local infrastructure. Our Panama-based staff frequently travel to Costa Rica, which is a short flight away, to deal with lawyers and banks.

Ready-Made Costa Rica Gambling Companies

Government services in Costa Rica are relatively slow and it can take 1-2 months to form a new company, and up to 6 months to receive the licence approval. However, subject to appropriate due diligence checks and business plan, we usually have ready-made licensed companies available.

Other Offshore Gaming Jurisdictions

We can also assist with gaming licence applications in Malta, for companies needing a European Union online gaming licence.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

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