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Make a presentation about Liechtenstein - as a perfect place for Investment - at InvestPro UAE, Dubai 2017

Thursday, 14 September 2017
Make a presentation about Liechtenstein - as a perfect place for Investment - at InvestPro UAE, Dubai 2017

The Liechtenstein jurisdiction and its attractiveness for businessmen and investors is famous around the world. Liechtenstein is one of the smallest European states. From the other side it is one of the most attractive countries for foreigners who are looking for a place for investment. Liechtenstein has a stable and open economy and has created more jobs than the country's domestic population (38,000 jobs for a population of over 37,000).

The Government of the country has opened the doors to most of the industries to foreign enterprisers coming here. That is why, today, Liechtenstein is the second largest financial center in Europe right after Luxembourg. It’s hard to believe but Liechtenstein has the second greatest income per person in the world as well. So, it has full freedom to provide services in all countries of the European single market.

What differentiates Liechtenstein from other countries (especially EU countries) is that it is mostly open to small businesses which are also encouraged by the central authorities. Many world leading companies have started as small businesses in Liechtenstein.

Taxation system is another reason what makes it attractive for foreign investors.  With a maximum income tax rate of 20% and a significant number of tax and investments agreements, Liechtenstein offers many other benefits to foreign investors. The corporate tax in Liechtenstein is set at one of the smallest rates in Europe: 12.5%. Liechtenstein ranks among the best countries in the world. Even if it is not an EU member, Liechtenstein has signed numerous agreements with the EU states which enable the latter to set up businesses in the investment funds sector in Liechtenstein.

For today Liechtenstein is a part of the European Economic Area. This fact makes it an attractive jurisdiction for international companies which establish branch offices and subsidiaries here. Liechtenstein has also open most of its industries to foreign investments without any restrictions to those interested in opening companies here.

Our company offers a unique opportunity for companies from Liechtenstein to provide more detailed information about their services and to provide their business solutions for investment to potential clients and partners during the annual international conference InvestPro UAE, Dubai 2017.

The format of the event is combined - conference + workshop - will be held on November 20-21, 2017 at Oberoi Hotel, Dubai, UAE.

Our clients certainly will be interested to know more about the opportunities provided by your company and to find out more about what makes Liechtenstein an attractive country for investors.

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