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LMG Lighthouse Trust presenting services at Bosco Conference in Kiev

Thursday, 18 January 2018

As we all know a trust company is a separate corporate entity owned by financial institution, law firm or independent partnership. Its main task is to manage trusts, trust funds and estates for businesses, individuals and other available entities.  

If you question is what such company can do for you, we can say that Trust companies perform a wide range of services related to investment and asset management.

Firstly, one of the main functions of most trust companies is clever managing the investment portfolios within the trusts of their clients. Trust companies also can provide safekeeping services within secure vaults for other types of tangible investments or valuables, such as jewelry and collectibles.

Our Sponsor at WealthPro Ukraine Kiev from Liechtenstein is LMG Lighthouse Trust. Their Managing Partner Dr. Alexander Lins will provide you with more information regarding trust services. Today he is well-known Trust-Lawyer, who’s actively teaching Company Law at University of Liechtenstein. Also, Alexander is an author of various articles on Austrian and Liechtenstein Tax Law. He is advisor of the Liechtenstein Government, recently in tax-matters related to the new (Double) Tax Treaty with Austria.

Being a licensed trustee of the Chamber of the Liechtenstein Trustees and member of the International Fiscal Association, he specializes in national and international tax planning, structuring of holding and financial companies, intellectual property and asset protection.

LMG Lighthouse Trust is an independent and licensed trust company. A company works in the various fields of Wealth Management. Their clients know them as a company with a basis of such values as reliability, confidentiality, trust and constancy. Services of LMG Lighthouse Trust are characterized by a high degree of creativity, individuality and actuality.

You will get a chance to know much more about different benefits of LMG Lighthouse Trust our conference in Kiev, which will take place on February 22-23rd. Participation discounts are still available. Please contact Bosco Conference for more details. See you at WealthPro Ukraine Kiev 2018.





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