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04.03.21, Bosco Online Workshop “Immigration, Investments in Real Estate: Everything You Need to Know in 2021”

Saturday, 13 March 2021

On March 4, Bosco Online Workshop “Immigration, Investments in Real Estate” was held, where international experts and more than 250 listeners from 40 countries participated.

The following topics were discussed at the conference:

Montenegro citizenship: Property investment on the Coast (Budva). - Jane Oseeva, Associate Vice President at Arton Capital, and Milos Stojanovic, Managing Director at Arton Capital;

Advantages of a residence permit in the USA and the possibility of obtaining it through the Investment Program EB-5. - Vassili Touline, Managing Director at Texo Capital LLC;

Residency by Investment Program - Portuguese Golden Visa: recent changes. - Vanessa Rodrigues Lima, Associate Lawyer at Abreu Advogados;

Calculation of net profit when buying an apartment in Munich. - Artem Ter-Minasyan, Managing Partner at Campus Property GbR.

Jane Oseeva, Associate Vice President, and Milos Stoyanovic, Managing Director, Arton Capital, talked about obtaining Montenegrin citizenship by investing in real estate on the coast of Budva.

Advantages of Montenegro:

- Beautiful country in the Balkans – 280 sunny days a year;

- Population – 630,000 people;

- EU membership - Expected to join at the end of 2025;

- Attractive real estate market;

- Low income tax – 9% (corporate and personal);

- 0% tax on global income;

- Double-tax treaties with over 40 countries;

- Member of UN, WTO, NATO;

- Visa-free access to 124 nations (including Schengen countries).

The speakers spoke about the options for investing in real estate in Budva, as well as the benefits:

- The coastal area is called Budva Riviera;

- The center of Montenegrin tourism;

- Historic city of 2,500 years old;

- Has the best sandy beaches in Montenegro;

- Famous capital of nightlife and clubs;

- Has two highways to Podgorica (60 km away);

- In close proximity to two airports (in Podgorica and Tivat);

- Has a large Russian & CIS community.

Speakers recommend investing in Hotel Cruiser. Hotel Cruiser is a 5-star hotel and residence that was approved under the Montenegrin Citizenship Program in December 2020. It covers an area of 7 acres, with full sea views and direct access to the beach.

The speakers also spoke about the hotel’s amenities:

- 4 restaurants (two in block A and two in block B);

- Restaurants in Block A: mezzanine and 9th floor (terrace and outdoor pool);

- Restaurants in Block B: basement and mezzanine floors. Total 508 seats;

- State-of-the-art fitness center and gym (in block A);

- SPA center (in block A);

- 2 swimming pools: on the open terrace (9th floor) and in the SPA center;

- Conference center services;

- 18 retail outlets;

- 65 parking spaces in the garage;

- 24-hour concierge service.

Vassili Touline, Managing Director, Texo Capital LLC, spoke about the benefits of a US residence permit and the possibility of obtaining it through the EB-5 investment program.

According to Vasili, Texo Capital LLC deals with project structuring and management under the state EB-5 program in the United States.

The speaker also spoke about the advantages that gives residence permit in the United States according to the EB-5 program:

- the investor can easily enter and leave the country;

- reside and work in any territory of the United States;

- has the right to apply for educational grants and scholarships;

- preferential tuition fees for residents;

- access to the banking system for obtaining loans;

- access to the health care and insurance system;

- government pension for investors who have worked 10 years in the United States before retirement;

- the opportunity to apply for citizenship after 5 years;

- visa-free travel to 90% of countries around the world.

The Speaker also spoke about the details of obtaining a residence permit or permanent residence through the EB-5 investment program:

- an immigration visa that leads to permanent resident status;

- gives the right to maintain permanent resident status indefinitely or apply for American citizenship;

- an investment of $ 900,000 or $ 1,800,000 is required;

- when investing through a regional center, there is no need to run a business;

- spouse and unmarried children under 21 also receive Green Cards.

Vanessa Rodriguez Lima, Associate Lawyer at Abreu Advogados, spoke about Residence Permit by Investment in Portugal:

Portugal advantages:

- 5 international airports - Lisbon, Faro, Porto, Azores and Madeira;

- Lisbon and Porto, just over 2 hours by plane from Paris or London;

- Modern road network;

- Modern telecommunications;

- Developed healthcare system;

- International level of education;

- Excellent quality of life;

- Modern and safe infrastructure.

The Golden Visa is a temporary residence permit granted to third-country nationals who are investing in Portugal. Golden Visa holders can:

- enter Portugal without any specific visa;

- live and work in Portugal;

- travel freely within the Schengen area;

- take advantage of the social support of the Portuguese Social Security;

- take advantage of the Portuguese health and education system;

- reunite your family;

- apply for permanent residence in 5 years.

Vanessa also talked about the ways to get a Golden Visa:

- Capital transfer and job creation;

- Acquisition of real estate;

- Investment funds and venture capital;

- Job creation through a company with a registered office in Portugal;

- Artistic production;

- Scientific research.

Abreu Advogados will gladly assist in obtaining the Portugal Golden Visa through legal means.

Artem Ter-Minasyan, Managing Partner, Campus Property GbR, spoke about the calculation of net profitability when buying an apartment in Munich.

Artem talked about the additional costs when buying an apartment in Munich, and took as an example the cost of a 2-room apartment, 61.8 m² - 399.900 € (6.470 € / m²):

Real estate acquisition tax - 3.5% (Bavaria) - 13.996 €

Notary - 1.5% - 5.998 €

Realtor services - 3.48% (Bavaria) - 13.916 €

The total is about 8.5% (33.910 €) of the cost of the apartment.

Artem also spoke about the profitability of the same object, before taxes:


- Rent 62 m² x 25 € / m² * = 1550 €

- Total (per year) - 18.600 €.


- Utility bills of the owner 2 €/m² per month - 124 €

- Campus Property - 50 €

- Total (per month) - 174 €

- Total (per year) - 2.088 €

Net annual income before taxes = 16.512 €

According to the Speaker, the net income of this property is - 13.833 €

Artem also talked about additional costs when choosing a mortgage:

Real estate acquisition tax - 3.5% (Bavaria) - 13.996 €

Notary - 1.5% - 5.998 €

Apartment encumbrances - 0.5% - 2000 €

Realtor services - 3.48% (Bavaria) - 13.917 €

Overall amount - 9% - 35.910 €.

The speaker also spoke about the profitability from the sale of an apartment in 10 years: an increase in the value of an object - 3% per year.

Total, the cost of the apartment in 10 years:

399.900 € + 119.970 € = 519.870 € (8.412 € / m²)

Income in 10 years: 519.870 €

Expense in 10 years: € 293.025.

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