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Svetlana Hohlova – Speaker of the conference WealthPro Ukraine, Kyiv 2017

Monday, 30 January 2017


Svetlana Hohlova has been working in tax planning field since 1997. Since 2005 she's the director of the consulting office. She has a bachelor's degree in social sciences and has graduated from the Tallinn Technical University, specializing in International Management. Svetlana speaks Russian, Estonian and English.
She has organized and led seminars on tax planning for the executive personnel of various companies.
In order to provide the most effective use of basic funds Svetlana has worked out a system for controlling the budget of capital investments.

Bell Moore S has been operating in the field of consulting services since 2005. Bell Moore S LLC specializes is financial and tax consulting, selling of Estonian companies and providing accounting services for companies. We thoroughly check the quality of services that we render. We try to be predictable and reliable partners in business. Our company’s main advantage is the personal approach to each client and offering multiple options for problem and/or task solving.

 Offered services:

  • Business consulting;
  • Tax consulting;
  • Drafting annual reports;
  • Corporate right;
  • Juridical consulting;
  • Legal advising;
  • Audit;
  • Financial help;
  • Full accounting services for companies;
  • Estonian company registration;
  • Selling of ready-made companies.

We are ready to take part in organizing Your business. We offer assistance in Estonia and full service of Estonian companies. We will help establish business contacts, render onetime consulting services as well as implement representative functions, help find an investment object (more precisely, real estate in Estonia).


  • Phone: +44 203 519 34 84


  • Phone: +3 572 200 86 84


  • Phone: +38 044 501 78 87


  • Phone: +7 727 350 54 74


  • Phone: +7 499 705 91 98



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