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Maksim Burkov and advantages of De-offshorization in the Netherlands

Monday, 29 January 2018

Nowadays, international environment shows that holding companies in this particular country might be your best decision ever. Dutch holding company regime is one of the best regimes in the world. We would like to provide you with more detailed information about its benefits:

Low taxation

It is a main advantage why you should chose this particular country. There are some international treaties, which promote equality among investors & entrepreneurs, ensuring that the same regulatory standards given to domestic companies are extended to foreign enterprises as well, including their low tax standards. All those companies usually face extremely low taxation, they just investing their equity but not a fully operating business

Lowest overhead charges

 Such companies have minimal overhead expenses because they rely on the foundations of already established businesses.

Easy to apply

Frankly speaking, it is a relatively simple process. Those «firms» can be listed as limited liability partnerships. No audits, needed for holding companies plus you don’t need professional financial management. 

So, The Netherlands remains one of the most favorable places of corporate establishment throughout all of Europe.

Unquestionably, this option will be a suitable entity for you. If you are interested, you can join us at our upcoming International Business Conference/Exhibition WealthPro Ukraine Kiev 2018. Founder of D-Max Corporate BV Maksim Burkov will give you more reasons to choose the Netherlands in this valuable question.

For today Burkov has more than 12 years of experience in taxation, finance and international structuring. Before the foundation of D-Max Corporate, he has been working in different multinational financial organizations in the Netherlands. 

By visiting our upcoming event in Ukraine, you will get a chance to get your personal consultation from representatives of this trust company. Do not hesitate to contact Bosco Conference for more details.

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