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Main reasons to set up your business in Ukraine

Monday, 18 December 2017

Today Bosco Conference is a professional organizer of annual conferences in Ukraine and worldwide, with more than 10 years of experience. We invite you to visit Ukraine and to participate in V annual international B2C Conference WealthPro Ukraine Kiev 2018, which will take place on February 22-23 at Fairmont Grand Hotel 5*. 

Talking about Ukraine, we can say that there are a lot of advantages to visit this incredible country and to set up your business there. First of all, Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe. So it is like a special connection between EU and ex-CIS counties. This country is a perfect place with beautiful nature, rich culture and lots of possibilities.

In its economic history, Ukraine has evolved first from an agricultural to an industrialized, and then to a service-oriented country. Agriculture is a best prospect industry sector for this country. Demand for agricultural machinery is directly tied to the health of Ukraine's agribusiness sector, which remains the most promising sector of the economy. With 41.5 million hectares of agricultural land covering 70 percent of the country, agriculture is Ukraine’s largest export industry and generates 12 percent of GDP. 

Export of the country stays on the high level as well. Ukraine exports mainly steel, coal, fuel and petroleum products, chemicals, machinery and transport equipment and grains like barley, corn and wheat. The EU FTA already unlocked the European market for Ukrainian exporters as currently the EU continues to apply its preferential trade regime for Ukrainian goods: for example, 83% of agricultural goods are imported duty-free to the EU. It is anticipated that exports will increase further given the large 500 million consumers EU market and the fact that major destinations in Europe may be reached within two truck days.

Talking about national customs and traditions of Ukraine, we can say there is a lot to love when it comes to food in Ukraine. You will be surprised to realize how delicious the local Ukrainian cuisine is. Try the stuffed dumplings called varenyky. It can be filled with wild mushrooms, curds, potatoes, pickled cabbage, meat, or fruit. Borsch is another staple. It is a thick beetroot soup served with sour cream. Definitely, you have never tasted nothing like this before. If you are in Kiev, you should go to Kyivska Perepichka near Teatralna Metro Station and grab a perepichka, a delicious sausage in a fried bun. However, each region of Ukraine has recipes and foods that are unique to the place. 

When it comes to art, you can see that Ukrainians are very talented. Ukraine has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 14 times since making its debut in 2003, winning twice. Ukraine's first victory came in 2004 with "Wild Dances" by Ruslana. The 2005 contest was then held in the country's capital, Kiev. Its second victory at the 2016 contest with the song "1944" by Jamala, made Ukraine the first Eastern European country to win the contest twice.

Wherever you decide to visit Ukraine, there are always many worth-visiting events for every taste. Modern art galleries host exhibitions of Ukrainian and international artists. “Pinchuk Art Centre” for example, which is probably the best art center in Ukraine with the best artists from all around the world. Also, there are performances on the stages of different theatres. Moreover, a lot of festivals of different kind (food, wine, musical, cinema etc.) take place in Ukraine all year round. 

Talking about sports, Ukraine is a good subject to discuss. After a successful Euro 2012 in Ukraine, the country has a great chance to bid to host other kinds of tournaments. As result, 2018 UEFA Champions League final will be at NSK Olimpiyskyi Stadium, Kiev. 

Our upcoming event WealthPro Ukraine 2018 will be held in Kiev as well, because it is a bustling capital of independent Ukraine, its administrative, economic, scientific, cultural and educational center. Also it is one of the biggest cities in Europe. Visiting this unique city is also about meeting new people. The majority of people in Kiev speak English; they will be ready to help you. Also, it has a lot of direct flights to European countries and USA. Another benefit of Ukraine is that no visa is required for citizens of the EU, USA and some other countries for a travel visit that is less than 90 days long. 

Fill the registration form before January 1st and get special offer for participation – 15% off. See you in Kiev on 22-23rd of February 2018 at Fairmont Grand Hotel. Don’t hesitate to contact Bosco Conference for more details, we will be glad to assist you. 

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