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Investing despite the crisis

Monday, 11 January 2021
Investing despite the crisis

Against the background of falling world markets, the activity of private investors has noticeably increased, who understand that the crisis is an opportunity for investment.

“Never be dependent on a single source of income. Invest to create a second source”, – Warren Buffett, American entrepreneur and world’s largest investor.

On October 22, was held an online workshop: “Investing despite the crisis”. The event brought together many business representatives: financiers, directors, tax specialists from different parts of the world. The meeting was moderated by Adam Moravski, Managing Partner of the law firm Morawski & Partners Law Firm, and also presented his report on the topic: “Successful investment stories under Covid-19: case study from the real estate market”.

For the first time, the head of Rothschild & Co for Russia and the CIS, Giovanni Salvetti, who specializes in countries with economies in transition since 1996, spoke at the Bosco Conference. In particular, in his report, Giovanni analyzed the M&A market and what kind of activity it expects at the global level; considered the elements of the global financial economic crisis during the Covid-19 period and its consequences in the future; what happens to foreign investments in the CIS in times of crisis.

But what business opportunities Luxembourg opens up, the Bosco Conference participants learned from the speech of the founders of Ziffer Lu – Maria and Alexander Tkachenko. According to the speakers, a small state is the right place for private investors and foreign startups. Also in their speech, Maria and Alexander examined in detail the practical cases of investment strategies in the country.

For more details on the reports of speeches you can find by following the link https://bosco-conference.com/ru/events-archive/arkhiv-2020/bosco-online-workshop-22-10-2020

Ziffer Lu is a family-owned capital preservation service company. It was founded in 2010 in Luxembourg and provides the following services:

  • full range of corporate services;
  • structuring of private capital;
  • financial planning and reporting;
  • tax and legal consulting; relocation in the EU.

Contact the speakers for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The financial holding company Rothschild & Co is controlled by the French and English branches of the Rothschild family. The company is the flagship of the Rothschild banking house (since 1838). In 2018, the holding’s income amounted to almost 2 billion euros. Rothschild & Co is no longer in trust. The company sold the trust business in 2018.

Morawski & Partners Law Firm is a team of experienced business lawyers based in Warsaw and working internationally. Provides consultations all over the world in 9 languages. Namely:

  • corporate law & M&A transactions and taxation;
  • real estate and investment projects;
  • fintech, banking and finance.

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