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IIG Real Estate Group at WealthPro Russia Moscow 2018

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Nowadays it is extremely important to find a perfect place to invest your money in. There’s no secret that Germany seems to be one the best countries for this option.

In 2018, different investors more and more often turn to Germany.  If you are looking for a safe haven in Europe, Germany is a major country to invest.   

Over the years, the German economy became one of the strongest in the whole world.  Investors from foreign countries have a lot of opportunities in different sectors and some of them will prove to bring in a high income in Germany. Here are just some of them:

Manufacturing: Germany has the largest population in the EU, thus investing in such industries might prove very profitable.

Tourism: Germany is a an appealing destination for tourists so entrepreneurs can invest in tourism facilities.

Education: Germany is very renowned for its specialized and educated workforce, thus investing in school and colleges is a big opportunity for foreign investors. 

Investments will be one of the main topics of our upcoming event WealthPro Russia Moscow, which will take place on April 16-17th at Moscow Marriot Grand Hotel. One of our Speakers there will be Olga Müller – Managing Director of IIG Real Estate group. She will tell us about much more about all the benefits of Investment in Germany.

Olga Müller is a certified lawyer-economist, an independent real estate appraiser in Europe, a member of the Royal Academy RICS, an associate professor of the Academy of Real Estate Appraisers eSA. 

Join our upcoming conference and you will get a chance to discuss face2face all the valuable questions with Olga and other representatives of IIG Real Estate Group. Contact Bosco Conference for more details, we will be glad to assist you. See you in Moscow. 









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