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Germany - perfect place for investment. WealthPro Baden-Baden 2018 announce

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Upcoming 2018 year will bring a lot of new surprises. One of them is announcement of new venue from Bosco Conference – Baden-Baden. InvestPro Germany, Baden-Baden 2018 will take place on September 17-18th at the Kongresshaus Baden-Baden. 

There are a lot of factors why we decided to choose this particular location for our event. Germany is a business center of Europe, because it is surrounded by the most developed European countries (Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands) Also, Germany is the EU’s largest economy – with a gross domestic product (GDP) of 3.73 trillion USD.

On the world scale, it now ranks as the fourth largest economy in terms of nominal GDP. Germany’s economy is known for its exports of machinery, vehicles, household equipment, and chemicals. Germany has a skilled labor force. The size of its nominal GDP is $3.42 trillion, while its GDP in terms of purchasing power parity is $4.13 trillion. Germany’s GDP (PPP) per capita is $49,814, and the economy has moved at a moderate pace of 1-2%. Germany is the wealthiest and the most dominant nation in the E.U. 

Germany offers residency and later citizenship to high net investors and investors investing in Germany with a minimum investment of EUR 200,000 in a new German business venture or company. This program is alternatively referred to German Golden Visa program. 

Foreign investors after making the business investment qualify for long term ‘D’ visa and residence permit (temporary residence) in Germany.  The duration of residence permit is usually two or three years which can be prolonged. It is possible to apply for permanent settlement permit in Germany after three years of living. There are no requirements to live permanently in Germany but required to visit at least once a year. It is possible to naturalize for German citizenship after living eight years in Germany. Knowledge of German is required for Citizenship. 

Foreign investment in Germany is staying at the same high level year-on-year. That’s why there are a lot of benefits why you should invest in Germany. Here are just some of them for foreign investors:

  1. Germany has a huge resource of developed infrastructure that is easily accessible for foreign investors.
  2. Foreign investors investing in diverse sectors of Germany can get the benefit of the most developed scientifically advanced technological assistance.
  3. Germany has a huge labor force which is highly educated and technically qualified. Majority of the work force speak English, the global languages. So there is no communication barrier between the investors and the local work force.
  4. Germany is a huge country and it offers a huge market base for foreign investors.
  5. In a bid to attract foreign investment, the German Government has made it a mandatory rule as to not to discriminate between the local investors and foreign investors. Foreign investors can all avail all the benefits granted to local investors.
  6. Another significant advantage of investing in Germany is that the taxation policy of Germany is liberal and highly competitive. This gives the country an edge over other countries in the EU for foreign investment. 

The German real estate market has been on a boom for a number of years now. It turns out that German cities are forecast to be Europe’s most highly favored real estate investment in 2018, as investors seek out well performing safe haven assets. With more than 80 million people, Germany is Europe’s highest populated country. 

Germany is the second most popular expat destination in the world – the country was ranked as number two by both the OECD and the Migration Policy Institute. It has more cultural activities and places than any other country – it's a cultured place, with 6,200 museums, 820 theatres, 130 professional orchestras and 8,800 libraries in 2013. There are more museums, exhibition halls and art galleries than any other country and not only in the big cities. 

When we were choosing the city of our conference, we decided to make it in Baden-Baden. This place today is famous worldwide as a spa town with a cultural tradition and a top-class reputation for healthcare. Situated in beautiful countryside, Baden-Baden provides the most stylish setting imaginable for a cultural break. Glittering festivals and unrivalled elegance make it a byword for exclusivity, elegance and luxury living. 

You don’t have to go far if you would like to discover the most beautiful things there. Almost from any place you will have a great view to the mountains surrounding Baden-Baden: The Merkur, Annaberg, Florentinerberg, or Hardenberg if to name just a few of them.

Through the city flows the river called Oos. All over the town there are magnificent oleanders, lemon and orange trees that grow well due to Baden-Baden’s mild climate and bring some Mediterranean flow to the city.

The alabaster-white Kurhaus is a Baden-Baden landmark and one of the world's most beautiful casinos, while the Festspielhaus – Europe's second largest opera house and concert hall – provides a splendid venue for the festival held in honour of Herbert von Karajan every Whitsun. 

Other notable institutions are the Baden-Baden Museum, Fabergé Museum and Baden-Baden State Art Gallery as well as the theatre and philharmonic orchestra.

Whatever the time of year, the beautiful old quarter is ideal for a leisurely shopping spree.

Award-winning restaurants offer international specialties and refined local cuisine. Wine lovers will also appreciate the nearby wine region where, against a sweeping backdrop of vineyards, cozy inns and exquisite restaurants offer a culinary voyage of great distinction. 

You can join us at InvestPro Germany 2018 and combine a business trip with perfect culture & healthcare rest. Keep in mind that we have special discounts for participation, contact Bosco Conference for more details, we will be glad to assist you. See you in September in lovely Baden-Baden. 


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