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Down memory lane. WealthPro 2014 – St-Petersburg

Friday, 23 December 2016

Let’s remember our great conference WealthPro 2014 – St-Petersburg

The two days format of the Conference gathered more than 200 leading international providers of corporate services and banks in one place from more than 20 countries.

Conference WealthPro agenda was overview the main issues and updates in international taxation, wealth management and asset protection, banking and citizenship, represented by leading consultants and professionals from Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Conference Sponsors:

  1. Fast Legal and Beneficial Ways of Obtaining Second Passports in 2014. Aleksandr Voronov, Development Director in CIS and Baltics, NTL Trust Limited, Saint Kitts and Nevis
  2. RAK Investment Authority – Real platform for your international business. Kanatbek Asilbek,Sr. Business Development Executive, RAK Investment Authority, UAE
  3. The Austrian Private Foundation - How my family and I can benefit from it. Erich Baier, Certified Tax Adviser, LLM.,Bilanz-Data,Austria
  4. The convenient and tax efficient gateway for international investors to set up their dedicated investment fund / partnership. Claude Beffort, Managing Director, European Capital Partners, Luxembourg
  5. Investments in freedom of choice. Sofya Silina, Business Development Director, Apex Capital Partners, Russia
  6. Getting an EU citizenship through investing in Cyprus real estate. Savvas Pastellis, East Europe General Manager, Cybarco, Cyprus
  7. Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs: St Kitts and Nevis and the Commonwealth of Dominica. Victoria Sementsova, Legal Advisor, CS Global Partners, United Kingdom
  8. Malta: The Island of Opportunity. Christian Farrugia and Nicholas Gouder, Director Alliance Trust Corporate Limited, Malta
  9. Temporary residence permit in Latvia based on investments. Investments types. Dmitri Nikolaenko, Partner,Sworn Advocate, MAQS LAW FIRM, Latvia

Conference Partners:

  1. Estonian companies - residents of the EU. Specifics of taxation. Methods of using. Dmitry Lamikhov, VAT expert, Executive Director, FM Capital Consulting, Estonia
  2. Singapore a great place to live and to do business. Sergey Bogatyrev, Director Labwealth.com, Singapore
  3. Banking in Cyprus: the New Era. Michael Michalis, Manager International Banking Unit, Piraeus Bank, Cyprus
  4. Dutch Foundation and Controlled Foreign Corporation Tax. Nico Francken, Director, In Asset Management Group, Singapore
  5. Switzerland – Gateway to Europe: 1.Types of Swiss companies 2.Opportunities of trusts and holding structures. Vladimir Oster, Managing Director, Taggroup International Companies SA, Switzerland
  6. Financial Services Entities and Funds through Cyprus. Andrey Lisyanskiy, Partner, MAP Group in Russia, MAP GROUP, Cyprus
  7. Legal frames for arbitration in Switzerland. Andrzej Remin, Attorney, Remin Rechtsanwälte, Switzerland
  8. Profitable Investor Visa. Oleg Gorbulin, Partner Alpha Pacific Group, Singapore
  9. Cyprus 2015 - look to the future! Alexander Latishenok, Managing Director Aligorex Consult, Cyprus
  10. Structuring business under Russian law: new possibilities in light of novels in the Civil Code of Russia. Elena Agaeva, Head of M&A and Corporate Practice, Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners, Russia
  11. New anti-avoidance policy in Russia. CFC Rules and further anti offshore developments. Konstantin Ziyatdinov, Head of International Projects, Prime Advice Consulting Group, Russian Federation
  12. Private Equity in Russian Federation: risks, profit rate, management. Maxim Novitsky, General Manager, Altera Invest, Russia
  13. Maximise your time – outsource your life - welcome to the wish-fulfilment empire. Aliona Muchinskaya, New Business - Director for Russia, Quintessentially, UK
  14. The role of St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce in support of the St. Petersburg companies in entering the global markets and in the business development abroad. Ekaterina Lebedeva, Vice President, Saint-Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Russian Federation


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