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Cyprus and International Tax Planning at WealthPro Ukraine Kiev 2018

Monday, 15 January 2018
Cyprus and International Tax Planning at WealthPro Ukraine Kiev 2018

By the end of 2017 Cyprus has lowest tax rate in EU coupled with a long list of double tax treaties, an enviable time zone location and a mature legal, accounting and banking infrastructure. It gives Cyprus very high position on the list of preferred jurisdictions for international tax planners.

The use of a Cyprus entity in International tax planning can mitigate or eliminate completely the overall tax liability arising from an international activity. There are a lot of aspects what can proper structuring of a Cyprus entity in international tax plan. First of all it can reduce the tax burden in the country where the income is earned and reduce the with-holding tax on getting the money earned out of the country where the income is earned. Also, this structuring can increase the overall return on investment of the project by reducing the overall tax burden of an international activity and reduce the tax burden of the ultimate shareholder of the tax planning structure.

Our Partner at WealthPro Ukraine Kiev 2018 is Taxatelier Limited. Their Director Christos Theophilou will provide you with more detailed information regarding this topic.  You will be able to discuss the most valuable questions with representatives of Taxatelier Limited.

Christos is specialized in corporate and private clients’ tax issues with an international dimension, such as private equity structuring, cross-border investments, structured finance and international trade.

If you need more detailed information, do not hesitate to contact Bosco Conference, we will glad to assist you. See you in Kiev on February 22-23rd.  





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