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21.01.21, Bosco Online Workshop "Immigration and Real Estate, CBI Programs"

Tuesday, 26 January 2021

On January 21, the Bosco Online Workshop took place on the topic “Immigration and Real Estate, CBI Programs”. Bosco Conference gave the opportunity for 5 speakers to share their insider information in front of a large audience.

The following topics were discussed at the conference:

EB-5 - US Permanent Residency for investors - expectations in 2021.  - Vitaly Modlo, Director of Investor Relations, CMB Regional Centers

Bahamas Permanent Residency: A lifetime opportunity.  - Stephane St-Onge, Chief Compliance Officer, Westend Nassau.

The latest updates on Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programmes. - Natalia Van, Business development executive, CS Global Partners.

ACCESS USA - Combining unique investment opportunities with immigration strategies. - Gonzalo Lopez Jordan, CEO at Patagonia Financial Holdings.

Cyprus Permanent Residence Permit - an opportunity to live in Europe. - Anastasia Yianni, Chief Executive Officer at Cyprus Sotheby’s International Realty.

Vitaly also named the advantages of a permanent Green Card in the USA:

  • Live anywhere in the US;
  • No need to extend the Green Card for permanent residence;
  • Possibility of obtaining US citizenship after 5 years of residence with a Green Card;
  • Cheaper tuition fees than for residents of other countries;
  • Opportunity to work anywhere in the US;
  • The ability to open your own business.

The speaker talked about a popular way to get a Green Card through EB-5. EB-5 is an immigration program for obtaining permanent resident status in the United States through investment.

The EB-5 immigration process is divided into several parts:

  1. Investing $900,000 + $70,000 commission;
  2. Submission of a petition form I-526 for a temporary green card (waiting for approval of the form for about 2 years);
  3. Change of visa status or Visa interview at the US consulate (6-12 months);
  4. Obtaining a temporary Green Card, which is valid for 2 years;
  5. Submitting a Form I-829 petition for a permanent Green Card (waiting for the form to be approved for about 2-3 years).
  6. Obtaining a permanent Green Card and a possible return of capital for 6 years.

Stephane St-Onge, Chief Compliance Officer at Westend Nassau, spoke about the advantages and ways of obtaining permanent residence in the Bahamas.

According to Stefan, there are many  benefits of investing in the Bahamas:

  1. Proximity to Miami (25 minutes flight);
  2. The local currency is pegged to the dollar;
  3. Direct flights from major cities in the USA and Canada;
  4. Peaceful and stable political situation since 1729;
  5. No local taxes on capital gains, inheritance, wealth, corporate and personal income and dividends. Goods and services are subject to 12% VAT;
  6. English is a popular language in the Bahamas;
  7. An ideal climate and lifestyle with tons of islands and reefs to explore.

Alos, the speaker spoke about the ways of obtaining permanent residence in the Bahamas: an investment in real estate in the amount of at least $750,000.00 will provide a legal opportunity to achieve this goal.

Natalia Van, Business development executive at CS Global Partners, shared her views that a “Plan B” is needed for each of us in life. Getting permanent residence in the Caribbean through investment is a great option.

According to Natalia, the main advantages of the Caribbean programs are as follows:

  • The fastest and most affordable way to a second citizenship;
  • Visa-free travel to over 140 countries, including world business centers;
  • Remote process of registration of permanent residence;
  • Minimum taxation;
  • The opportunity to move to the Caribbean with the whole family.

New opportunities appeared when applying for permanent residence in the Caribbean, including adding family members. Conditions depend on the Caribbean country selected for economic citizenship. A new trend is observed towards expanding the possibilities for dependent to allow investors to include more family members in their application. It is especially true in the post-COVID-19 world, as more and more people seek to save and relocate their families.

Natalia also spoke about investment options in the Caribbean:

  • Non-refundable donation from $100,000;
  • Approved properties from $200,000.

Gonzalo Lopez Jordan, CEO at Patagonia Financial Holdings, spoke about the opportunities for Patagonia Financial Holdings clients. The company works in the United States, Grenada, and Portugal, where offers clients to invest in various projects that are carefully analyzed to minimize investment risks. The company also provides assistance in obtaining a temporary visa and permanent residence when investing.

Among the successful projects which Patagonia Financial Holdings works with, Gonzalo Lopez mentioned the Juan Valdez brand, which is a multinational coffee chain for today. It is a cooperative movement of Colombian coffee growers with about 8,000 coffee points of sale in 32 countries. According to the speaker, this is a profitable niche for investment, since 75% of coffee lovers drink outside the home, and the coffee market in the US is estimated at $84 billion.

Gonzalo Lopez also spoke about Nectar Greenlight, which Patagonia Financial Holdings closely works. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the film industry, in most cases due to closed cinemas. However, such a lucrative niche as streaming services has suddenly become in demand. The streaming market in the United States occupies about 40% of the world market. This company combines the art of production and direction with financial components. Nectar Greenlight has over 20 years of experience in the film production business, as well as films that have won Oscars and recognition at other film festivals. Gonzalo also added that funding for the film industry is low-risk as Nectar Greenlight has partnered with major companies such as HBO, Netflix, Warner Brothers, Amazon to sell film and TV rights to them.

Gonzalo has shown another successful investment in a project that works closely with tech giant Walmart. CarSaver targets the automotive industry, which is highly sought in the US and around the world. This service allows you to sell or buy a used or a new vehicle, and Patagonia Financial Holdings has been driving the growth of this service since the start-up.

Finally, Gonzalo noted the domestic real estate fund Patagonia Financial Holdings, which provides a unique opportunity for immigration by investment through diversification.

Anastasia Yanni shared information about immigration to Cyprus. According to Anastasia, Cyprus is perfect for those who:

  • Dreams of living in a warm climate, or in a country without heavy industry;
  • Worries about the family in a pandemic;
  • Wants to live in Europe;
  • Wants to diversify its assets;
  • Plans to expand its business;
  • Pays too many taxes.

Benefits of Cyprus from a financial point of view:

  • Modern banking and legal systems;
  • High quality education;
  • Favorable tax regime.

Tax benefits also await investors:

  • 0% on passive income, real estate, inheritance;
  • 5% for retirement income;
  • 12% corporate tax.

Requirements for obtaining permanent residence in Cyprus:

  • Investment in new real estate from EUR 300,000 + VAT;
  • The minimum annual income for each applicant is EUR 30,000, EUR 5,000 for each child and EUR 8,000 for each parent;
  • Cypriot bank deposit for 3 years with a minimum amount of EUR 30,000;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Certificate of no criminal record.

Stay tuned for more Bosco Conference in order not to miss interesting information.

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