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Sponsorship of Bosco Conference events

Sponsorship - a serious investment in your business!

Sponsor participation will give your Company the following advantages:

  • To denote the company involvement in the conference
  • To show professional skills and competencies to highly targeted audience
  • To draw clients attention to the company’s projects, new products, action
  • To Increase trust in the target audience.

BOSCO CONFERENCE EVENTS are an ideal platform on which to implement your tasks!

The conferences provide the sponsor with a priority access to the exclusive information and all necessary resources for the efficient work at the conference:


Bosco Conference sponsors, well in advance of others, KNOW, ANALYZE, AND APPLY 100% of the conference opportunities for the business development before, during, and after the conference.



are represented by:

  • Tax consultants
  • International companies incorporation professionals
  • Auditors and accountants
  • An in-house lawyers, CEO’s and CFO’s of industrial and trading companies, banks and other financial institutions.

SEE-REMEMBER-ASSOCIATE the COMPANY LOGO on the projector screen, conference program, mass-media advertising modules, participant’s file, and the banners of the conference with the conference topic.

IDENTIFY the value of your company for their business from INFO MATERIALS located in the participant"s file.

MEET CONSULTANTS at your STAND in the coffee break zone and INTERACT with them informally.


Conference SPONSORS get an opportunity to receive the delegate list with the official contact information.

Conference SPONSORS are provided with a service of the PERSONAL NEGOTIATIONS ORGANIZER who will help you find the best contacts among delegates.

The conference delegates are going to apply the most efficient solutions and opportunities for their businesses. Do not miss a chance to assure them that cooperation with you is the best choice for them!

You should know everything useful to you and your business!

 You should simply decide whether your company will be a:

1. Primary sponsor, which will get an opportunity to apply all the resources of the conference for the implementation of its marketing tasks.
2. Conference sponsor, which will benefit from an ideal balance of public image and commercial visibility .
3. Partner, which focuses on the company"s competences in a particular segment or issue and will be satisfied with the high quality advertising media bearing its logo.

For the detailed information please contact our project manager e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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