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Arbetov Insurance and Wealth Management Inc.

Michael Arbetov, CFP, FMA, Owner and President of the following companies: Arbetov Insurance and Wealth Management Inc., Excel Pacific Insurance Agency Inc., Melisa Enterprise Inc. Board member of various Canadian companies, clubs and associations. Michael has 20 years of experience and extensive business ties in Canada.

ARM Marketing Services Inc. is a Canadian Corporation established in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2002.
As one of the leading providers of investment in Canada's province of British Colombia, we value our customers and provide them with high quality services. We help our clients in business immigration to Canada; establish or buy a business in Canada; buy residential and commercial properties, islands, golf clubs; enroll children of businessmen and wealthy people in Canadian schools and universities.



  • Tel: +1 604 726 27 05
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • WealthPro Russia St. Petersburg 2017

    WealthPro Russia St. Petersburg 2017

    25-26 September 2017 St. Petersburg, Russia Marriott Courtyard St. Petersburg Center West.


  • InvestPro Kazakhstan Almaty 2017

    InvestPro Kazakhstan Almaty 2017

    25-26 October 2017 Almaty, Kazakhstan Intercontinental Hotel


  • InvestPro UAE Dubai 2017

    InvestPro UAE Dubai 2017

    20-21st of November 2017 UAE, Dubai Oberoi Hotels&Resort